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Itego has been founded in 2015 with the vision to deliver trusted data for companies from any industry with a focus on master data. From the strategic definition to the implementation on the basis of SAP Master Data Governance and based on many years of experience, we successfully established a "trusted advisor" status with many international corporations from almost every industry sector.

Starting as a software vendor in 2018, Itego, now as an official SAP partner, announced "Itego Reference Data Management" (RDM) to a group of SAP customers. This first version was delivered to pilot customers and tested by them.

In 2019 new features were added to RDM. It received it's official SAP certification, and therefore in 2020 became available to all customers. With this Itego offered a new dimension of master data management which has been on the wish list of many corporations for a long time.

Itego also became “SAP Silver Partner” in 2020 and continued to deliver new versions of Itego RDM, broadening the governance scope of RDG (Reference Data Governance).

2021 RDH (Reference Data Harmonization), enabling the consolidation and synchronization of reference data, was added and enhanced the Itego RDM solution further.

In 2022 the SAP Solution Manager Integration was delivered, an additional milestone for a product which by now is considered by many as the best available reference data management solution.

SAP Silver Partner

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