Itego Reference Data Management

Are you annoyed of weeks going by before selling your products? Or angry about damaged spare parts, resulting in a financial nightmare?

Are you desperate because of the price for new IT-based processes, or are you suffering from wrong decisions? Are you unable to calculate your cash flow?

Then you might be missing the basic quality of your reference data. Go for consolidated, controlled, and well-maintained reference data that drives the core of your business processes.

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Itego Reference Data Management (RDM)

Companies realized that the Management of Reference Data (e.g. Country Code, Material Group, Unit of Measure, and many more) is as important as the Management of Master Data (e.g. Business Partners, Materials or Financial Data). Without the central governance of Reference Data, a company that wants to be part of the digital world will not be successful.

Itego RDM helps to address pain points caused by non-harmonized Reference Data which lead to:
  • Long and unreliable processes in Sales, Purchasing, Logistics and Finance
  • Spoiled goods, inefficient storage and other commercial risks
  • High project costs when IT systems need to be connected
  • Wrong decisions because of reports that are based on low quality data
Using Itego RDM means establishing a single source of truth for Reference Data which helps to realize the following business benefits:
  • Reduced business risks
  • Reliable and flexible Business processes
  • Reduced project costs and duration
  • Strategic Planning based on reliable reporting
As an SAP MDG Add-On RDM reuses SAP MDG features and delivers content for Reference Data which includes:
  • Data Model
  • Rule Based Workflows
  • Adjustable User Interfaces
  • Data Transfer for Initial Load
  • Data Replication and Local Staging Area

See overview below for more details and a complete list of all available Reference Data objects.

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